Band and BIOs


Jed and Hugh have worked together on a number of recording projects over the years. Their first album was Under a Texas Skye released by Hugh in 2005, followed by Sands of Aberdeen released by Jed in 2008. Recently they collaborated on Calla’s Waltz, released by Jed on March 17, 2016.

Album Cover - Under a Texas Skye

Album Cover - Sands of Aberdeen

Album Cover - Calla's Waltz


Since joining forces to form Lonestar Stout, Jed, Hugh and the band have played quite a few major events around the US.
Jed and Hugh - CROPPED

Recent Festival Appearances
Tucson Celtic Festival – Tucson – AZ
Tucson Folk Festival – Tucson – AZ
Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Fest – Oak Forest – IL
Celtic Nations Heritage Fest – Lake Charles – LA
Northeast Louisiana Celtic Fest – Monroe – LA
Irish Fest New Orleans – New Orleans – LA
Weston Irish Festival – Weston – MO
Loch Norman Scottish Fest – Huntersville – NC
Plainsong Folk Festival – Martell – NE
Scotfest – Tulsa – OK
Dandridge Scots-Irish Festival – Dandridge – TN
Houston International Fest – Houston – TX
International Accordion Fest – San Antonio – TX
North Texas Irish Festival – Dallas – TX
Texas Scottish Festival – Arlington – TX
Tacoma Highland Games – Graham – WA


Jed Marum is a performer of Celtic and American folk-style music. Since 1999 he has published over a dozen albums, licensed music to several major film and TV projects. In addition to his work with Hugh Morrison, Jed has recently recorded albums with Celtic Music Maestro, Brian McNeill – with Cowboy/Pop Music Star, Michael Martin Murphey – and with American Folk Music Legends, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason.

Hugh Morrison studied button accordion under the Accordion Masters, Ali MacGregor & Jimmy Shand. Hugh has released 6 albums since arriving in the US. In addition to his work with Jed, Hugh plays with his own band, Murder the Stout and recently with Boston’s Celtic Punk band The Street Dogs.


A frequent guest player in the Lonestar Stout line up is multi-instrumentalist, Kendall Rogers. Originally from Kentucky, Kendall has become one of the finest and most in-demand piano accompanists in the south. In addition to keyboards, Kendall plays bodhran, whistles and piano accordion.

Depending upon the event, Lonestar Stout often performs with a variety of excellent “sidemen” musician friends – playing bass, drums, whistles and/or fiddle. Pictured here are, Mason Brown (sitting), Ross Holmes with fiddle and Hugh Morrrison.
Hugh with Sidemen - Mason Brown and Ross Holmes