Lonestar Stout

Based on the music of Jed Marum and Hugh Morrison, Lonestar Stout takes a new and refreshing look at Celtic tradition. They bring a warm and spirited mix of songs and fun to their performances – offering the music of Scotland, Ireland and America – from beautiful historic ballads to rowdy pub-style classics and ripping tune sets!

It’s a show marked by great stories, easy humor and gifted musicianship. Since 2005 they have been entertaining crowds at festival, club and concert venues around the US with their unique blend of original and traditional  music that, as one music critic put it, “is somewhere between the Pogues and the Chieftains!”

Here are a few samples of Lonestar Stout music:

A Sampler of Traditional Style Songs

A Sample of Rock ‘n Trad – Live

A Sample of Trad Tunes – Live